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"Abbie linked into my situation and described it with total accuracy.  When I asked for advice, her link with spirit was hugely helpful.  She came through with a picture that made absolute sense and was completely re-assuring."


(England, Chippenhurst)

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"Having a reading with Abbie is an amazing experience, it's like talking to someone who really knows the real you but is also able to give you such accurate insights to what the future holds. I would recommend a reading with Abbie to everyone. It feels so reassuring to speak with someone whose validations are so real, you know it must of come from spirit as there is no guess work with Abbie - she is the real deal."




"I have been having readings with Abbie for a while and she is always accurate about my situation. All I say is relationship is the area I want her to focus on and she is off with an amazing amount of information about what has happened, what is going on at the moment and what is to come. She is always absolutely spot on with her predictions. When I don't know what to do about a relationship situation I call Abbie because she always guides me in the right way, even if it is not what I want to hear I take her guidance because she is always right. Abbie told me that I would hear from the man in question within 2 weeks and it happened 5 days later. Abbie is kind in her delivery of all information and shows compassion and understanding. I am very grateful that I found her and would recommend her to anyone and everyone."


(England, Hertfordshire)

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"I have been looking for Abbie for some time, since being my regular reader on the circle. She stopped working with them, I had googled her for some time, trying to find out who she now read for. I was excited to find she has her own business, I immediately booked a reading. She told me the man in question, whom I hadn't spoken to in 9 months, would return extremely soon and we'd work it out. He messaged me during my reading! She's always been extremely accurate for me. I've written down her predictions and most have come into fruition, and I am just waiting for a couple more to come in, which I have no doubt they will. I look forward to my readings in the future with her. She's always been clear and accurate. She's a very understanding woman, and she's definitely one of a kind."


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Well guys, where do I start about this wonderfully honest and soooo accurate lady , firstly I have to tell you about a reading I had just last week and I was under so much pressure and basically at my wits end waiting and worrying on some really important correspondence , so I called Abbie and told her all !! Well she told me that these people would wait right until the last day of the return notice deadline to reply to me , and it would be a successful part of the over all out come . Well guess what , today the 30th of March 2017 was the last day and my letter and answer arrived just like Abbie said it would . Now after my reading you would imagine some people probably finish their reading with a little reservation or scepticism, but in Gods honest truth I didn't , I put the phone down after my reading with Abbie and I had the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders because it's just not this reading that she has been so on the money on , but all of them . This lady is blessed and I know there is not just me who is witnessing how accurate her readings are , I'm a grown religious man who has not had much luck of late after losing my business but with Abbie,s direction and her basically pulling me out of a really dark place , well I'm getting back on my feet , she steered me away from bad choices in order to make the good ones which she seen were the correct path and every time it's like she is referring to a book on my life when I would call and asked her about all my problems . If I had the money I would take out a full page spread in a national paper about my experience with an earthly Angel that I know my loved ones in spirit have directed me too . I have to say this again , and it's that I may sound like and over bearing sales guy , but Abbie has brought me to tears of joy with her ability to show me the correct way of things ! But please if your reading this and you are in that dark place or just need the right direction in a certain matter , then please try Abbie and let her light up your path also because I know there a thousands of souls out there calling these false gimmicky psychic lines spending thousands just like I did starting out looking honest guidance but getting utter nonsense back or basically being lied too . This lady is the the real deal"



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"I've had many readings but this is genuine and spot on without prompting . Abbie is kind and your drawn in with her sensitivity and her connection  with the individual . Thank you "


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"I am happy to meet Lady Abbie during Psychic Reading and Healing sessions. Abbie is gifted psychic professional, she see very precisely and correct important information concerning me. All predictions Abbie tells me, getting happened further. Also Abbie is very good in working with energies, during the healing part I did feel nice energies around me. I recommend Abbie as a great person, for common reading or if there any necessity into difficult situation to make clear. Dear Abbie thank you so much for going with me through current stage in my life.

I wish you a great career :-)"



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"Abbie, Absolutely fantastic the best reading i have ever had so far, everything happened as you said, so now i am i`m waiting for the rest also to do it. Thanks for making me believe that anything is possible.So if you dont believe in psychics then speak to abbie and you will be a believer "



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Tracey P

"Abbie is exactly the type of reader that I like. Pure clairvoyance, no tools used, constant flow of accurate information, direct, honest and predictions always come to pass. She's definitely helped me on my life's journey.

Thanks for being there Abbie xxx"


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"Have had several readings from Abbie and from each reading she gives 100% accuracy in what she says without any hesitation... It's scary how much she knows even though you say nothing at all!! She predicted that my ex will get back in contact and that the other woman will eventually go away.. I know in my heart that what she predicts will happen, it just now a time of waiting.... Thank you again for guidance Abbie x"


(Ireland, Dublin)

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"I had my first reading with Abbie 3 years ago and everything she said was spot on and everything she predicted came to fruition. I had my second reading with Abbie today and again she had my situation nailed. Abbie doesn't ask questions she just talks. I would not talk to anyone else now as she had no way of remembering me and still the information she gave was so accurate. Abbie you are truly gifted and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warmth and honesty."



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"Abbie is an amazing reader. Information comes thick and fast and always spot on. Predictions always come to pass and have total trust in her guidance. Can't thank Abbie and her guides enough for the help and understanding she has given me the past 4 years. Thanks for everything Abbie xxx"


(England, Manchester)

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"Abbie is a very genuine, truly gifted and a deeply sincere clairvoyant. She is very clear in her messages and never falters from that. She has a clear link to your loved ones and gives such comfort. She has no judgement and cares about her clients. I have spoken to Abbie for a couple of years and in my opinion she is the best in her field. I will never stop talking to Abbie for my spiritual boost while walking through life. Shes an angel on earth and has guided me through the hardest period of my life."






"I have been speaking to Abbie for over 2 years. She has been an amazing friend to me and is truly gifted. All of her predictions have come true, though I thought some were unlikely at the time, and she has shown such kindness, patience and understanding with my difficult situations. Abbie's predictions are consistent and extremely detailed. I had spoken to many readers before finding Abbie but I will never need to again. Abbie works very closely with her guides and the information just flows as she uses no tools at all. But the thing I most enjoy is that when appropriate, Abbie delivers the messages with such humour. She is very uplifting and I always feel better having spoken to her. I feel very lucky to have her in my life and I trust her guidance completely."


(Leicestershire, England)


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"Thank you Abbie once again for amazing reading, your previous readings have blown me away.  You truly are a spiritual lady with honesty and integrity; my first choice always for a reading."



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"Thank you for my reading last Friday. As always it was amazing and uplifting. I just wanted to let you know of a strange but lovely experience I had yesterday that is relevant to the reading. I went on impulse for a walk around a country lane near me. I havent been there for over a year... . I just felt i had to be in nature... three quarters of the way round I felt a strong presence of my dad walking with me. We had a conversation..tears were rolling down my face... I turned back and sensed him and his mum(who you also got Friday) in the field. Then i felt as if was shoved in the back and told to carry on with my walk. Haha!  When i told my mum she had a similar experience 14 years ago in the months after he passed... thank you for being an amazing reader for me over the years."

(England, Midlands)

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