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Abbie has read for me for a long time and is absolutely fantastic,  She knows things that are almost impossible to know without asking any questions.  She is truly psychic.  Previous predictions have come to pass.  Thank you Abbie for all your support.   (Jo, UK)


I am a famous psychic ! but when I need guidance and sincere help there is only one person I can go to and its Abbie! thank God for her wonderful help ! I am so grateful ! god bless her! please take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get a reading with Abbie a real gifted light worker !!! (Maurice, UK)


I have been having readings with Abbie for over 5 years. Using no tools she can tell me details of my life which are incredibly accurate . Through a very long and difficult relationship journey she has been my earth angel , always truthful, always kind, holding my hand guiding me carefully and lovingly! Sometimes the news hurts but Abbie delivers the words with love and reassurance that things will work out in the end. So far everything she has said has happened so I've every faith in her predictions ! Thank you Abbie, you are beyond AMAZING!!!! Xxx  (Maria, Ireland)


I've been speaking to Abbie for a while now and she is amazing. She's been a great support to me through hard times and has given me many predictions which have come true, just as she had said. I am so grateful for her wisdom and support! Thanks :) (Becks, UK)


I have spoken to Abbie for a long time and her readings never falter. She has proven to be correct on many occasions and I wish I had listened to her guides more strictly and saved myself a lot of heartache. The guidance given is always delivered in a clear way and can't thank her enough for her pure vision. She has a very great gift. (Claire, UK)


A huge thank you to Abbie for my in depth reading on Jan 3rd. I was utterly stunned by this reading. In a previous reading Abbie's guides said I would receive a text by end of year by a certain man. It looked highly unlikely even impossible.. yet he did text me on Dec 29th. The update I received in this reading was almost too much for me to take in. I have been in love with a man for almost ten years. I've never been able to let him go though I have tried. Abbie explained why that was so, this man went off with another lady and broke my heart. Abbie said he was fed up, not happy and nearing the end, I so hope it comes to pass. and im sure it will that this man will move back around me. I was given sound advice to grow stronger emotionally, This reading simply could not have been made up. Abbie has never failed to lift my spirits, give me hope and belief, make me smile and give me zest for living. Superb. amazing amazing xx (Julie, UK)


I have had many readings from various readers, some good some bad, then I came across Abbie what seems like a life time ago, but it's been two years . This lady is the real deal, no nonsense and she has brought me out of a really dark place by simply proving how genuine and correct all her predictions have been. And I'm the most sceptical soul, she is soooo accurate it's uncanny. People like Abbie I believe are here to help with the more serious cases or problems a lot of us find ourselves in. I worry that she will just vanish as I've come to value her words so so much, I take it as advice and it's so spot on . Sorry to sound like a sales guy, but just try and see for your self. AAA you don't get the praise you truly deserve Abbie , you're an Angel xx (Sean from Belfast)


Thank you Abbie for another honest reading I always come to Abbie as she picks up on everything so well and keeps me focused when I am feeling unsure about a situation. Definitely the best reader anywhere. (Debbie, UK)


All my readings with Abbie have been spot on. Her accuracy is astounding she is a beautiful soul; warm and compassionate, honest and with a lot of integrity. Thank you Abbie. (Gloria, UK)


In a particularly difficult time of my life I have received clarity and direction and understanding from Abbie that I could never have obtained from friends and family. Their love for me would have naturally clouded their advice. Abbie puts the drama of life in context and explains the bigger picture with ease and confidence. Her gift is amazing and readings are unbelievably accurate with her description and timeline of events unfolding exactly as she descried. i don't know how i would have coped without her kindness and understanding. Thank you Abbie. (Monica, Australia)



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