Psychic Abbie



Channel/Energy clearance

Channelling (spirit rescue)


It is more common that people may like to believe that abnormal and unexplained activities do occur within buildings (be that your workplace, your home, manor houses, hotels etc.). When there is an unwanted spirit present Abbie understands that this can be a very unnerving experience. Not all spirits are nice but most are not negative. Some spirits have chosen to remain earthbound, not all spirits want to be rescued. Spiritual cleansing encompasses far more than just ghosts and spirits.


Healing (energy field (aura))


Whilst life does naturally bring about negativity, prolonged negativity or negativity in any form can create an imbalance in one’s emotional self. The atmosphere will inevitably change within negative emotions, so be it fear, anger, depression, negative people, arguments, trauma, stress, fatigue etc. all of the factors can, over a course of time, build up an emotional imbalance, thus causing problems, the negative energy can cling to an individual.


Herbs/crystals (for protection or purification)


The power of herbs/crystals can enormously leave a property feeling loved, balanced and positive and create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.


Abbie, with the help of her spirit guides and her wide knowledge of herbs and crystals, can offer emotional healing with spiritual cleansing in order to bring peace, love and balance to a property.

Abbie will also be able to channel with spirit to work with unwarranted spirits so they can return back to loved ones who will collect them and help them with their transition into the spirit realms. Contact Abbie today for help with channel/energy cleansing.