Psychic Abbie




I was born a natural psychic medium.  My life was mapped out for me before I entered the earth plane. I am an old soul which has had many past lives. I was chosen by the spirit world to carry on my great grandmother's gift and serve spirit in truth and love for the greater good of all. I only know the life that I was born into; communicating with spirit  from a very young age was natural to me and I knew nothing else, to me this was normal.  It never frightened me, I grew up knowing I could see what other people simply could not. I often wonder what my life would be like without my gift.












I work in a clear concise manner with voice vibration only. My intent is to convey accurate undeniable evidence with a natural clear channel, relaying messages from the world of spirit. My abilities enable me to see, hear, feel, smell and taste. I am incredibly down to earth and I am able to capture the personality of spirit. I can become emotional whilst linking into spirit energy when conducting a consultation and conveying messages to a sitter.  I also work with humour and songs. This is how spirit lift the energy within the atmosphere.  I work with honesty along with tuition and guidance to help navigate the lives of my clients.


I inherited my gift from my mother's grandmother, my great grandmother Florence, who used a crystal ball and tarot cards from her front parlour in the 1930s. She was of Irish descent, her family were working travelling Romany gypsies settling in the east end of London in the 1800s. I also work with other guides who have made themselves known to me intermittently. For more information about these guides please click on this link.


(taken on Bayswater Road, Hyde Park)

circa 1920